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Monday, November 10, 2014

Product Review - Foxbrim's Advanced Formula Vitamin C Serum

Foxbrim's Advanced Formula Vitamin C Serum

As we age our skin begins to lose it's natural collagen and tightness becomes less and less.  Wrinkles begin to form and those tiny fine lines.  Whether it's from weather, diet, stress or genetics, no one can avoid the hands of time.. We can however, find products that help wake up our skin and give it that youthful appearance once again!  Thanks to Foxbrim there's now an affordable, natural product called Advanced Moisturizing Serum, a Vitamin C serum that applies with ease and actually works when you use it!

It comes in a small, brown bottle with a dropper.. The bottle color IS important!  The brown bottle keeps out light to help preserve the benefits of the Vitamin C and other active ingredients.  The dropper is also the perfect size.  It's not short, therefore when you're at the end of your stash, you're not struggling to get some up into the dropper.

Here you can see a list of ingredients.  Organic Herbal Infusion isn't an ingredient but a process.  Not sure why this is printed as an ingredient but no matter.. Here they are:

Organic Aloe is amazing for soothing skin as well as for hydrating the skin, this is perfect for people, like myself, with sensitive skin and experience reactions to new products.

According to the Q&A on Amazon, there's 20% Vitamin C aka Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate.  It's an antioxidant that fights free radical damage to the skin including fine lines and wrinkles, dryness, and collagen loss.  Vitamin C also helps  to brighten and smooth dull and damaged skin.

Botanical Hyaluornic Acidic Acid is a fabulous moisturizer and helps to hydrate your skin.   It’s also known as a water binder.  Hyaluronic Acid can actually bind 1,000 times it’s weight in water!!  Wow!  It's a wonderful ingredient to help push that needed moisture deep into the layers of your dry, thirsty skin.

Witch Hazel is a well-known acne fighter, natural astringent and help to lock in moisture.

Organic Jojoba Oil is the only oil that I know of that's the most similar to the skin’s natural sebum, meaning it most closely resembles what naturally comes out of our pores.  It's also highly moisturizing to your skin and it’s non-comedogenic aka non-pore clogging!

The directions are pretty straight forward as far as how to use.  There aren't any specifics of how much to use aside from "a small amount".  In the 2nd photo you can see the amount I have in the dropper.  This was enough serum to cover my entire face and neckline without it being too much or too little.  You'll want to experiment with yourself on this and see how much is good for your needs.

Now, for the results!  The serum oil absorbs quickly into your skin and leaves no no oily residue or funky odor.  It leaves my skin feeling noticeably softer and smoother and definitely less dry!  It takes about 15-20 seconds to fully absorb into my skin and then I apply moisturizer or whatever products, if needed, after.  My face feels amazing...! It feels so much more smoother and refreshed and I've noticed less fine lines on my forehead and less darkness around the bottom of my eyes.  I also love that it's VERY affordable in comparison to others.

I leave this review saying, try it for yourself.  I recommend this serum and as with any supplement or product - results are varied from person to person. :)

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