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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Christmas Party Food Inspirations

So last year we hosted our first Christmas Party for friends in our home.  I've been hosting and throwing Halloween parties for over 11 years and I needed to change it up.  I absolutely love anything and everything Christmas.  So much so that you will often find me listening to Christmas music off and on during the entire year.  Once it's November 1st, my brain goes into full Christmas mode and I literally have dreams about Christmas; the birthday of Jesus, love towards fellow man, the decorations, music, giving out gifts, donating to adopted Christmas Angel kids, baking, cooking and all around entertaining!  I wouldn't be surprised if there are Sugar Plums dancing around in my mind at night!

Getting creative with food for entertaining doesn't have to break your wallet.  There are a ton of easy, cheap and delightful things you can make and show your festivities to everyone.  :)  Here are some photos of things my husband and I made last year:

Penguins made with olives, cream cheese & carrots
Igloo is a cheese ball we made with a small layer of plain white cream cheese outside to give it that snow/ice look :)

Meat & Cheese wraps that we laid out to look like a tree! :)

Grinch Santa snacks!
Green grapes, banana slices, strawberry & mini marshmallows!

Broccoli wreath with cherry tomatoes and a red bell pepper cut to make a bow!
Ranch dip when in the center bowl :)

Vanilla and Chocolate cupcakes shaped and decorated into a tree
I used Peanut M&M's and Mike & Ike's to make the "light bulbs"
Cut the Mike & Ike's in half and warm the cut ends with a lighter to make it sticky.. then attach to the Peanut M&M

Three different hot meat choices for guests to enjoy! :)

Holiday flavored M&M's and Hershey's Chocolate Mint Candy Canes

Homemade Muddy Buddies in little treat bags :)  Find free templates to make & print at home or check online for cheap printing services!

Miniature Hershey's with customized labels/wrappers we had printed :)

As you can see, it's easy and affordable to create stuff that you and your guests can enjoy!  Simple is always good... Inexpensive is always a bonus!  LOL!