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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Product Review - Debbi Cook, Independent Lilla Rose Consultant

Product Review - Debbi Cook, Independent Lilla Rose Consultant

I was given the opportunity to select a hair clip from the Independent Lilla Rose Consultant, Debbi Cook and try it out for myself.  So many of us have heard of and/or seen these clips on Facebook, Pinterest or even from friends and family.  Now, what exactly IS Lilla Rose and what makes them so special?

Lilla Rose is a company that began as a necessary model for sharing what is arguably one of the most innovative hair styling basic accessory:
the Flexi Clip.

Lilla Rose offers the opportunity to share unique, functional innovative products anchored by their patented Flexi Clip.  They create entrepreneurial possibilities for women and men by offering fair profit margins while compensating those that desire building a much larger organization.

The Flexi Hair Clip comes in six sizes to accommodate different hair types and styles. Depending on the amount and type of hair, you might use a small for a Ponytail, but a large for a French Twist.  If you watch their video on Debbi's Independent Consultant page, you can learn some nifty styles to try out yourself and see the sizing guide so you can pick the one for you! :)

Now for the photos and thoughts about the beautiful clip sent to me!

Here, I used the medium-sized clip in a half-ponytail look and as an accent to my lazy-loop bun.  It held up wonderfully and was very easy to use.  My husband said it was gorgeous to him!  The clip itself is VERY sturdy and you can tell just from holding it the first time, that it's made with quality materials.  There are SO many designs to pick from that you'll have a hard time deciding which ones to buy at first.. I know I did!  I had to pick a few favorites and ask Debbi to pick from my list and just surprise me.

Honestly, if you're looking for an affordable, unique, beautiful hair accessory for everyday use, weddings, parties, proms or to give as a gift (IF you can part with it!!!) - then you need to have at LEAST one of these in your collection of accessories.  I also encourage you to seek out Debbi Cook here on Facebook to check out specials, deals, new items, purchase your own and to even sign up as a consultant in your town/city.  I'm constantly seeing people posting on Facebook asking for a local consultant in their area..

**As always, the opinions expressed are my own and no monetary compensation was received, although I will sometimes accept and keep goods or services for review purposes. Posts may contain affiliate or referral links. Thank you for your support!**