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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Product Review - Herbal Essences Body Wash

I received from the fine folks at Crowdtap, this 1.2 oz sample of the new Herbal Essences Body Wash to try out and give a review.  The scent sample I got was Hello Hydration.  Unfortunately, my bottle arrived squished or exploded!  However, it was packaged inside a little baggie and didn't leak out on the insert.  I was able to salvage most of the body wash to use in three different shower times.  :)

As expected with all of Herbal Essences products, the scent was captivating and intoxicating!  It wasn't overpowering but it was quite refreshing - both in and out of the shower.

I know there are mixed reviews of this body wash and personally, I think it's got a lot to do with skin types.  For me, my skin is naturally very soft & sensitive to a lot of perfumes and chemicals.. and not dry except in the elbow area.  I think for me, it lathered up pretty well and left me feeling clean and smelling great.  The scent didn't last AS long on me as I had hoped for - but that's also not a big deal for me since I usually apply perfume after an hour or so of toweling off.  However, if you're looking for that long-lasting scent, I wouldn't look too far when looking at this one.. at least not this particular scent.  Perhaps one of the other scents would be stronger and last longer...?

Here are the other scents available:

I think they're worth another try and I'll probably try at least 2 more scents before I decide whether or not to go back to my normal body wash.

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