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Monday, May 26, 2014

Get FREE $23 in Amazon Android App Store Credit!

What an awesome deal!  Get Free Games/Apps and earn FREE store credit!!

Here's how to do it:

For the apps listed below, you will receive 200 coins for each app that you purchase (for free).  There's no need to install these apps.  Simply purchasing them will be enough to get your credit.  For each 100 coins that will = $1 in FREE credit.  You can use these credits to buy any games/apps that you want from the Amazon App Store.  You will see an option to pay with coin credits vs credit/debit/gift card.

The first steps below will get you the initial $10 in free coins.  Then, to get the other $13 follow the next steps.  Also, even if you see the message that reads your device is invalid, you can still "buy" the apps and earn those FREE coin credits.  There's NO need to install or download the apps, as long as you "purchase" them (for free) - you will still earn those FREE coin credits!

Click each link, purchase at $0.00 & earn 200 coins for each:

After a few minutes, you get your $10 in FREE coin credits... then CLICK HERE and buy the game Game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for $6.99 be sure to use the coin credits that you just earned so the cost is FREE for you.  You will see the option to use your FREE credits.  You'll then end up with another 2,000 coin credits = $20 in free coins.  So now you'll have $10 + $20 - $6.99 = $23.01 in FREE coins! :-)

However, I just purchased this right now and was able to get an automatic -500 coin promotional so it only cost me 199 coins!!  (click photo below to enlarge)

Hurry and go get your credits now!  :-)

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