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Monday, December 9, 2013

Product Review - Hershey's Spreads

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I received from the fine folks at Crowdtap, a delicious sample of the new Hershey's Spreads!!

Hershey's Spreads are available in three flavors: chocolate, chocolate with hazelnuts and chocolate with almonds. They sell for just a little over $3.00 a jar.  There targeted intended use this to be spread on breads, fruits, pretzels, waffles, toast, bagels and even crackers!

It's pretty obvious by the packaging design; the size and shape of the container, the flavors available and being in a glass jar, that Hershey's Company is intending to give the popular Nutella chocolate hazelnut spread a run for its money!

I personally have always enjoyed Hershey's chocolate products... So, I wasn't too scared of what this might taste like. I did however imagine that it would be really thick like other non-Nutella brands have been, like the JIF chocolate spread was. I was very pleasantly surprised when I open the jar and that sweet chocolate aroma immediately hit my nose... I wasn't sure if I should be anticipating that chalky taste that other brands seem to have.

We cut up a couple of Granny Smith apples for dipping and dove in.  Absolutely amazing!  We were both surprised at how creamy and smooth this chocolate spread was compared to others.  It's just as easy to spread as creamy peanut butter is.  A couple of friends of mine that have sampled it have said it reminds them of a thick cake frosting.

There's 12 g of fat per 2 tablespoons... And only around 2 g of saturated fat... Less than 1 g of cholesterol.  Each serving size is 190 cal and there's about 10 servings per container.  If you're a carb  counter, you're looking at about 20 g of carbs.. There's also 19 g of sugar, 3 g of protein and 50 mg of sodium.

Sorry Nutella, I think you've just been replaced in my pantry.  I haven't tried the hazelnut flavor yet but I'm sure it's just as good as the plain chocolate!!