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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Tea For Tyrants - Product Review

I received a medium sized box in the mail and inside there were 2 small boxes.  Each box contained a 4 oz and a 2 oz container of a specific flavor.

They were packed with the straw/hay cushioning the metal tins and on top lay the black/white card with information and a QR code on back.  I wasn't sure 100% what to expect but when reading others reviews on Get Fresh, I thought I would receive a small sample of each tea vs 2 flavors.  I am a huge tea fanatic and would have loved to reviewed other flavors for this site as well as for my blog page.

The first box was Gyokuro Karigane

The leaves are a lovely green color and aromatic but not too strong. When brewed, this tea has a light sweetness to it.

The second box was Gyokuro Superior

The leaves in this tin were actually a little darker in color and has a pleasant aroma to it.  It also has a hint of sweetness to it but nothing sugary or overpowering.

It's definitely a new, interesting experience to combine tea drinking with music others pick for you to help enhance the mood.  I enjoyed only some of the songs as I found a few of the selected tracks to pull me out of my calm and instead, jostle my relaxed state of mind.

Researching their website, I checked on the pricing.  $14 for a 4oz and $8 for the 2oz.  Unless you have a lot of money to spend - I see Tea For Tyrants appealing to those looking for a unique gift for others or themselves vs for a more regular tea consumption.  The Japanese Green Tea Gift Set contains 5 - 2oz tins and various music selections for $25.

But don't let the price deter you from trying it.  Overall, it's a wonderful tea, packaged nicely and for anyone who is a tea-lover and music-lover or just loves things that "you just can't get anywhere", this would be a much appreciated gift for them.

The only real criticism I have is these teas are Japanese and the cards have Chinese script.  As someone who is half-Korean, I've learned from experience that most people like to "clump" Asians together.  I personally think it would be more appropriate to have artwork & writing/symbols to match the teas.  Perhaps even seek out some Asian Indie artists or tracks that could set the mood?