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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Product Review - EEZY Extendable Cable Control Selfie Stick #amazonreview #review #promotion #deal #giveaway #techgear

EEZY Extendable Cable Control Selfie Stick

I have owned and tried at least 3 other selfie sticks since the craze bloomed.  I'm not much into the selfie-craze but I do like having the ability to take them with ease when I want and need to!  I'm physically disabled and cannot hold a phone or camera out (extended) and take photos of myself.. I always have to get someone else to do it or use a timer and try to angle it juuuust right to get the desired photo I'm looking for.. which usually is a flop.

I had NO problems assembling the EEZ-Y Selfie Stick to my iPhone 5 or my husband's iPhone 4.. I just followed the written and illustrated, step by step directions on the back of the box.  I have an iPhone 5 and I really like that I'm able to securely clamp it without having to remove my protective case.  I tried it with my Otterbox case first and then my slim case.  I also love how the mount is able to adjust the camera angle by turning the plastic knob on the side of the clamp.  You can angle it around and your phone stays securely in place!

Connectivity requires NO CHARGING or Bluetooth connectivity.  It's so simple and easy to set up so that you can enjoy the freedom and practicality of the new EEZ-Y Selfie Stick.  It's compatible with Apple iPhone 6Plus, 6, 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 4 with iOS version ≥iOS5.0 and Samsung, LG, Sony Smartphones with Android version ≥4.2.2.  If you're looking for a selfie stick, look no further!

The EEZ-Y Selfie Stick is compact and lightweight!  It weighs less than 5 oz and it telescopes easily to almost a full 40 inches for those wider angles and panoramic photos.  It collapses down to 9.5 to fit easily in your bag.  The EEZ-Y Selfie Stick is perfect for travelling, hiking, vacations, parties, concerts, sporting events, video diaries and so much more.  Be sure to take it with you wherever you go because you never know when you'll need it!  :)  You can take videos with this stick and the remove as well.  So if you like to video blog, this would come in very handy.. no need for a cameraman LOL!

This is seriously the BEST DEAL I've seen on Amazon for a complete selfie stick package that's durable, reliable and guaranteed to work!  They offer a wonderful 60 Day Money Back Guarantee!  You can buy in confidence and you get more for your money than with other brands!  A 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

The EEZ-Y Selfie Stick is made of premium quality Stainless Steel and ABS thermoplastic material for extra sturdiness and durability.  The Non-Slip silicone handle gives you a comfortable touch and it can also help to prevent hands from sliding off.  The built-in shutter button is designed for continuous shooting allowing you to take sharper and steadier pictures and videos by avoiding shakes and vibration when holding the monopod.  The included phone adapter and removable rubber clamp fits all phones between 2.1in - 3.3in wide (5.5cm - 8.5cm) and secure them firmly... no worries about it slipping out.

Right now, there's a LIMITED TIME OFFER - BONUSES INCLUDED!  A FLEXIBLE TRIPOD and REMOTE SHUTTER (Retail value: $14.99).  Get it today and start taking awesome pictures!  The flexible tripod is compatible with the extendable phone adaptors and with most digital cameras.  The remote shutter is small, elegant and works well with iOS and Android Phones.  It uses a single CR2032 button battery (which came with the set).  Easy to install and you're ready!


There's an optional app you can download for FREE to use with it but it's not necessary.  I downloaded it and quite enjoy it though!  The bluetooth remote shutter range is 33 feet which makes it convenient for those close to mid-range shots, group shots or any type of picture where timing is an issue.  Now you will be able to appear in every picture you take without asking for anybody's help or being left out on the other side of the lens.. How many of us can relate to THAT problem?  :P  The selfie stick is a lot of fun to play around with.  I would highly recommend to anyone who has been considering purchasing one..

I'm just an average consumer like most here.. and I love to help others.  This review is simply a compilation of my thoughts and opinions of this product.

Reason for purchase:  I was provided with a discount of this product in exchange for my honest feedback and to write a review stating my thoughts after testing and inspection.  All statements and information in my reviews are comprised of my personal thoughts and opinions.

Would I buy again? / Any regrets?: I would buy again!

Here are some selfies I took with my new EEZ-Y Selfie Stick & Bluetooth Remote

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