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Friday, January 9, 2015

Product Review - PureLx Clear Spot Treatment #review

Dark Spot Corrector
Acne Spot Treatment
Blemish Remover

PureLx Clear Spot Treatment introduces a revolutionary dark spot corrector and acne spot treatment with blemish remover with a unique dark spot corrector complex!  This unique dark spot correcting formula helps to reverse the signs of skin damage due to aging, sun damage and acne blemishes and restores skin to a more youthful look and feel.  It helps unclog pores and remove blackheads and white heads.  PureLx Clear Spot Treatment is custom formulated to help reduce the appearance of dry, red and irritated skin and helps to eliminate dark spots and acne/blemish scars.  :)

The unique combination of Salicylic Acid and Glycolic Acid works with Zinc Sulfate to deeply penetrate the skin layers helping heal the effects of too much sun, toxic exposure from the environment and heals acne blemishes.

Since purchasing and using this since mid-December 2014, I've noticed a very nice improvement on my nose with the small blackheads I once had!  There are significantly less blackheads and it also zapped a pimple I had on my cheek in just a little over a day.  I applied the PureLx Clear Spot Treatment twice and the next day - completely gone!  Wow!  Now that's super FAST results!  Where was this when I was a teenager?!

The PureLx Clear Spot Treatment comes in a container and application method much like some lip glosses I've used before.  I like this because #1 - it's small and easy to carry along in travel, #2 - you don't risk using too much and wasting your product and #3 - you control exactly where it applies!

The scent is like that of rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover.  So if you can handle that strength of smell, this shouldn't be too much of a bother.  It dries fairly quickly and the scent doesn't linger on your skin for too long.

PureLx products are made in the USA and come with a 30-day, 100% money back guarantee.  There are several other products in their line of beauty regimen and care and I'm hoping to eventually try out more from them and get the same fantastic results!

  • Clinically Proven Dark Spot Corrector, Acne Spot Treatment and Blemish Remover Cream Ideal for Acne, Blackheads, Hyper-pigmentation, Enlarged Pores, Whiteheads, Sun Damage, and Acne Scars.
  • Acne & Blemish Spot Treatment - Purlex Blemex Clear Spot Treatment is Packed With Antioxidants - Dramatically Reduces The Appearance of Dark Spots, Age, Spots, Signs of Sun Damage and Works For Oily Skin Types.
  • Most Effective Dark Spot Corrector Available For Women and Men - All In One Blemish Cream Promotes Cell Growth, Repair and Regeneration For Smoother, Even Toned Complexion. Aids in removing dead skin cells, resulting in a healthier and smoother complexion and improved glow.
  • Blemish Remover With Salicylic Acid + Glycolic Acid + Witch Hazel Helps Reduce and Diminishes Dark Spots, Improves Acne Scars & Skin Brightener or Your Money Back!
  • Made in the USA - Cruelty Free in a FDA Approved Lab - Quality Tested To Ensure Purity

I leave this review saying, try the PureLx Clear Spot Treatment for yourself, I recommend it and as with any treatment - check with your own physician for a personal consultation and advice and remember, results are varied from person to person. :)

**As always, the opinions expressed are my own and no monetary compensation was received, although I will sometimes accept and keep goods or services for review purposes. Posts may contain affiliate or referral links. Thank you for your support!**