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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Product Review - Fast acting Advil®

Fast acting Advil®

Recently, from the awesome people at Crowdtap, I received complimentary for product testing and review purposes, 8 2-count sample packs and 4 coupons for the amazing, fast acting Advil®.  This film-coated tablet is the newest innovation from Advil® with an Ion Core designed to stop pain before it gets worse!

I have a lot of medical conditions and there are way too many pain relievers I cannot take, including aspirin products.  When I have severe pain or headaches, I reach for and trust Advil® to work for me when I need it.  I was ecstatic to give these new tablets a try and share the sample packs and coupons with my friends and family as well.

My husband is an aspirin taker and also likes the powders out there because they work fast for him - but he hates the taste of the powders.  I gave him a sample pack of his own - and proud to say, he's joined the family of Advil®! :)
Our daughter is a tennis player and also takes dance.  She's always having pains but her stomach is really sensitive.. so she doesn't take anything for it.  I gave her a sample pack as well.  Her report back to me was that she used the sample pack, felt results with no digestive issues and the next shopping trip, the coupon I had given her was being used as well!  :)

I gave away 3 more sample packs to people I ran into at the grocery store - all were shopping in the pain relief section so away went the coupons too!  They were all very happy indeed and loved hearing in person the positive results my family and I experienced.
Being in pain causes me un-necessary forehead wrinkles as well.. LOL!  As you can see my before and after photo.. it works!  :)  I leave this review saying, try them for yourself, I recommend them and as with any supplement or medication - check with your own physician first for consultation and advice and remember, results are varied from person to person!