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Friday, April 4, 2014

Product Review - The Team Viva® Vantage Sampling

The Team Viva® Vantage Sampling

Recently, the fine folks at Crowdtap allowed me to join in on the Team Viva Vantage Sampling mission.  I received 4 rolls in total.. 1 to keep and the rest to share with family, friends and co-workers.

I honestly wasn't expecting to be overly impressed or swayed.  Nothing that I had previously heard about or read about Viva Vantage had me thinking that I would part myself from our usual brand of paper towels.  Well, I sure changed my mind quickly after actually using it!  Viva was so strong and it's overall performance was fantastic!!  I'm really not sure if the new V flex-weave design that makes it stretchy is what's contributing to help make the paper towel stronger, but whatever it is.. this new Viva Vantage is much stronger than I could have ever imagined!

It's a lot more absorbent, thicker & less likely to fall apart than my usual brand.  I love that I can confidently clean a mess without the paper towel breaking or tearing.  Needless to say, I'm totally raving here!  Viva Vantage, in my opinion, is superior to anything I have ever used before now... and trust me, that's saying a LOT.  Our previous brand of paper towels, we've been loyal to for over 10 years!  Wow!

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