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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Product Review & Giveaway - Newman's Own Organics Pet Food

Everywhere we look, we see on the shelves more and more foods, drinks, snacks.. heck even makeup and cleansers that are natural or organic.  We're starting to realize nature is smart and treats us good as long as we treat her good.  We want to do away with chemicals and additives and get back to the basics and do what's good for our bodies, health and the planet.

As we take care of ourselves, we must also look to the ones we've opted to take care of.. our 4-legged fur-babies (and of course, other creatures!!).  Choosing to own a pet is a big responsibility.  No matter how big they get or how independent they become, they're like children to us still and will always rely on us to give them what's best for them.  We can spoil them with toys and fluffy beds, dress them up against their will in silly outfits, parade them around our friends and family, teach them tricks and love them until the day they die.. but what good is all of this if we don't care enough about what goes into their bodies too?

As a long time cat owner, I was guilty myself of not really paying attention to the food I was feeding my kitties.  I'd seen cute commercials and colorful bags and displays in the store that convinced me my cats would enjoy the food.  I pay attention to the food labels on my own food but had never bothered to look at the back of the food I feed them.

Recently, I won a giveaway to try out Newman's Own Organics Pet Food.  The company representative was gracious enough to send me cat and dog foods for my pets.  After a couple of weeks, the boxes came in and boy was I surprised at the variety of food and treats!

I was a little hesitant at first to let my dog, Una, try the wet/canned dog foods.. In the past, we had purchased several brands and each one had made her sick in the stomach.  So, she's been mainly on a kibble diet and none of the occasional treat of moist, meaty food other dogs probably enjoy.  After staring at the cans for a few days, I decided to give her some and see what would happen...

Well, the food wasn't in the bowl very long!  Una gobbled it up and was so happy!  That night and the next day, she had no signs of digestive issues!  Woohoo!!  For the next several days, I alternated on feeding her some of the dry kibble and more canned food.  That whole week, she was more energetic and playful than before!  Her eyes were brighter and her coat wasn't shedding as much!  Amazing!!


The next test was my two picky-eating kitties!!  One kitty, Mystique (the black kitty) does NOT eat ANY canned cat food.  She turns her nose up quicker than you can blink an eye.  I've tried all sorts of brands and she won't have anything to do with them.  She wants canned tuna if there's a canned food being served up!  And my other kitty, Bonnie, is picky about kibble.  I got a free sample in the mail from another company and she wouldn't even taste it!  Just a sniff and she ran!!

As you can see, the canned food was a big hit with both of my girls!  I waited around to see if they'd eat the dry kibble afterwards but their bellies were full and they took off to find their blankets for a nap.  About 3 hours later, I went back to the dishes to clean up and found the kibble almost fully eaten!!  Una was outside, so I know it wasn't her.  Nearby, I found Bonnie fast asleep and tummy FAT.  Needless to say, I believe we have a winner for these picky eaters!

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